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Examples of Illegal Dangerous Goods Placarding

Any vehicle transporting hazardous materials must have the appropriate placards and stickers applicable the weight of the material that falls in a hazard class in line with international standard SANS 10232.1 – Emergency Information Systems Clause 4: Dangerous Goods Placarding Requirements, which states that:

  • The full placard, including the 10mm black border, shall be clearly visible from the roadside, whether directly fixed on the vehicle or supported by means of a permanently fixed frame (Clause 4.1.2)
  • The placard shall be clean, legible and not defaced at all times

Any placarding practices that do not follow these regulations are deemed to be illegal and are punishable by law.

Illegal Placarding and Warning Diamonds

Do you comply? Take a look at images below for some examples of what would be considered ‘illegal’ placarding.

examples of illegal dangerous goods placarding