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Don’t be a victim of legislature, if you are not sure what to do regarding the vehicle compliance of Dangerous Goods, where to obtain the relevant licenses, placards, audits, etc.

All personnel involved in the packaging, labeling and shipping of biological materials must be appropriately trained, certified, competent and knowledgeable of the relevant regulations.

Are you compliant and following the correct procedures when it comes to (Tremcards) – Do you need assistance with your (Tremcards)?
Transport Emergency Cards (TEC Cards) are cards that drivers carry in the Designated Space of their vehicle cabs. The cards are used to provide information as per the ERG ( Emergency Response Guide ). These cards are provided by the Consignor or Operator when transporting Hazard Class 1 to 9 , unless they are in ” Exempt Quantity ” status.

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Vehicle Compliance

ABS plastic placards
Vinyl (sticker) placards
Magnetic placards
Warning diamonds
Split placarding (Freight Containers/IMDG Containers)
Placard & Warning Diamond Frames
Document Holders
Prohibition decals (No Naked Flame, No Smoking, No Cellphone decals)
Spill Kits
Wheel Chocks
Fire Extinguishers
Orange barrier cones

Compliancy Documents

Whenever dangerous goods need to be transported by road, a dangerous goods transport document must be provided to outline the hazards and precautions of the load being carried.
DGR Compliance Solutions is perfectly positioned to supply you with the necessary vehicle emergency documentation as well as advice and support to stay compliant with current regulations.

Compliancy Charts/Posters

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What is a Transport Emergency Card (TEC™) ?

A Transport Emergency Card (TEC™) is a single A4 size card which provides easy to follow steps to be taken in the event of an Incident, Fire, Spillage, Accidental contact with a dangerous goods substance which is loaded onto a vehicle.
It is aimed to provide emergency information which needs to be followed by the Driver, Emergency Responders, Medical Response as well as Professional Spillage Response teams.

Is your dangerous-goods vehicles equipped with the correct signage?

Three regular-size Dangerous Goods placards shall be affixed to each cargo containment area of a Rigid vehicle, Semi-trailer, Trailer, one at the rear and one on either side of the vehicle, so as to be clearly visible from the roadside. Also, the slippery hazard symbol shall be used when spills will result in slippery road conditions that could lead to accidents. Ensuring your vehicles are safe is our top priority, contact us!

Are you using the correct type of Fire Extinguisher?

What type of Fire Extinguishers should be carried in a vehicle?
The vehicle would normally be carrying a Dry Powder fire extinguisher which would be suitable for fires of Class A, Class B & Class C. Contact us, and our specialists will be-able to discern the best equipment for your purposes.